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Portrait of a Gent

Welcome to Found's Art Event. It has almost been a year since our last art event! Time flies when you're collecting (and of course having fun whilst doing it). We hope you enjoy our latest curation of pieces. There is a lovely representation of florals, landscapes and nudes on a variety of mediums.

Amazing quality and condition. This portrait is dated 1841 and is French.

Measures: 38cm x 46cm. $995.

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Building Oil Painting
Building Oil Painting

A French oil painting on canvas.

Building Oil Painting

Measures: 38cm x 55cm $550

Church Oil Painting

Beautiful church oil painting on board

Church Oil Painting

Measures: 35cm x 27cm. $299

Oil Painting of Castle

French Castle Oil Painting in gold frame.

Oil Painting of Castle

Measures: 21cm x 30cm $295


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Still Life Floral

Still Life of floral, on board.

Still Life Floral           Measures: 45cm x 55cm. $399                  
Still Life of Roses and Grapes

A fabulous still life on a beautiful timber board.

Measures: 29cm x 40cm $395

Floral Oil Painting of Poppies and Daisies

Floral oil painting on canvas.

Oil Painting of Poppies and Daisies

Measures: 55cm x 46cm. $495

petite floral on board

Petite floral oil on board.

Petite floral on boardMeasures: 22cm x 28cm. $275

1881 Antique Painting

Pansy oil painting, dating 1881.

Pansies Oil Painting

Measures: 51cm x 38cm. $399.

1960's Floral Paintings
1960's Floral Oil Paintings

Measures:43cm x 34cm $495

1960's Floral Oil Paintings

Measures: 43cm x 34cm $495


Farm Oil Painting

Farm scene French oil painting.

Farm Scene Oil painting

Measures: 35cm x 27cm. $299

Antique Oil Painting of Boat scene

Beautiful French boat scene.

Measures: 50cm x 32cm. $425

French Moody Water Scene

Moody water scene. French oil on canvas.

French Moody Water Scene

Measures: 45cm x 33cm $375

French Autumn Water Scene

French autumn scene.

French Autumn Water Scene

Measures: 61cm x 50cm. $525

Large French House

Beautiful large French house oil painting.

Large French House Measures: 55cm x 46cm. $495
French Cottage Landscape Scene

French Country landscape oil on board.

Cottage Landscape

Measures: 27cm x 21cm $299

French oil on canvas.

Measures: 52cm x 42cm $495


Nude Oil Painting

A lovely mixed toned oil painting.

Nude Oil Painting

Measures: 60cm x 30cm $395

Nude Oil Painting

1978 Framed Nude Oil Painting.

Nude 1978 Oil Painting

$299 Measures:37.5cm x 48cm.

Nude Oil on Canvas
Large Mid Century Nude

1950's Large Oil Painting

Large Mid Century Nude

Measures: 66cm x 81cm. $1150

Nude Oil Paintings

Styling with your Art.

We have a few additional pieces that can match with the art or contrast with it.

Adding pieces throughout the room tying colours together. ie. this delightful Victorian cheese dome would work fabulously with our florals.

And much like the cheese dome, this floral Victorian jug works perfectly with some of our landscapes with blue tones.




We hope you have enjoyed our Art Event. If there are any queries please contact us. All our art includes free postage Australian wide.

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