Finding for Found

Finding for Found

Finding for Found.

Road trips across Victoria, from Melbourne, to Geelong, to Ballarat, to Bairnsdale. We are no stranger to many hours spent in the car. This has become one of the best parts of owning a store, buying. We have been lucky enough to be invited into many homes, sheds, and shops since opening Found. We have always loved shopping, which is evident in the amount of 'stock' we had to start up Found. Everything in the shop, from the large scale pieces of furniture to the asiatic pheasants platters were out of Helen's private collection.


It is always interesting to see the pieces that come in and out of fashion. And with the world of Instagram, and international stores now at our finger tips, it is amazing to find that in Australia we have the same trending items. Below we have some of our latest finds...

We love the idea of having whole 'collections' in Found. And recently we have been able to come across similar items from all different places, where we can bring them together to create and curate our own little collections. 

Pictured here is 3 of 4 display cases we currently have in.

Victorian Ant Farm

Pieces that we have been discovering lately are... Cutlery trays, test tube stands, butterflies, religious antiques, medical illustrations, herb choppers and display cases.

Being located in Hepburn Springs has given us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from all different areas. A community of people that love all things old and unique. It is always a lovely feeling when a customer invites us into their own home, or when an antique dealer opens a shed for you, that even they haven't looked in for years! The buying and selling for us is so enjoyable, and in our travels we have discovered that we aren't the only ones who enjoy this.

Two spectacular medical fold out illustrations circa 1900's.

"A Picture of Good Health" Amazing medical illustration, fold out of the human skull, and the brain.

Amazing medical illustration, fold out of the body, and it's internal organs.

In store exclusive. 

French Cupboard.


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