Easter Art Event

Easter Art Event

Welcome to another of Found's art events. After having multiple online art events, we were excited this April to do something different, and host an in store celebration of how far our small business has come, to celebrate our growth and of course, to display our collection of European and Australian art.

As we all know, this hasn't been possible. And after much thought about whether now is the right time to host our online art event, we decided to go ahead with our blog. This is a place for you all to enjoy the art, and hopefully you can immerse and distract yourself, even if its just for a short while. You can click on each image and it will take you to the item on our webstore.

We hope you love our collection. Much love, Helen and Alexandra.

Ex voto hearts.

Amazing antique saint offerings.


Everlasting colour and warmth, our floral oil paintings are a collection of dark and moody, as well as bright and full of life.

Floral Oil Paintings

Red Floral Oil Painting

Red Floral Oil Painting

Framed Floral Pansy

Framed Pansy Oil Painting

18th Century painters/engravers box. 

French, with original lock and key.


Large moody French landscape.

Measuring 65 x 49cm


18th Century pastel portrait. This amazing piece gets better every time you look at her, the colours, the hair, all perfect for the era it is from.

A portrait dating 1888. This beautiful piece is on board, and is signed and dated. It is Danish. 

Original Victorian print of a girl with a bird. The frame is particularly beautiful.

                 Russian icon on a timber panel.


Large Antique Boat Scene

Large scale boat scene. 

Measuring 65 x 54cm

Gorgeous sepia toned oil painting

Signed. Cira 1890-1900

Mid-century waterscene.

Signed and dated.

Mountain and water landscape.

Dating 1895.

Alexandra Box and Helen Curtis

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