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Welcome to Found's Latest Online Art Event

Below you will find a specially curated collection of antique art. Sourced and selected by Helen, the collection is honest, beautiful, and pays homage to the French artists, and their talent. We are delighted to release this collection to you all. To enhance a room, to give as special gift, Christmas, Birthday or whether is just for someone who deserves a little something. All of our pieces are genuine, where the artist and date is known it will be stated. Each piece has its dimensions, and we are pleased to include postage in all art purchases.

We hope you enjoy the collection, as much as we enjoyed collecting it!


A mix of landscapes, portraits and nudes. To mix with a modern home, to add a touch of history, colour and texture. Using art in a space can tie everything together, to enhance a feeling, a mood, and provoke thought.


Oil Painting On Board Bridge
Large Oil Painting of Bridge
Large Oil Painting of Bridge
French Rural Oil Painting






A small collection of interesting and unique portraits. Click each image for more information. Our lovely gent in the green suit is from 1930's. We also have some early religious pieces, including an icon, and a candelabra. In store we have an exquisite cast iron Mary statue, she is featured below, but due to her weight we are unable to post her.


Circa 1880's. Madonna and Child.

Signed on the side of the timber panel. This piece measures: 18cm x 22cm.

Antique candelabra dating 17th century. God creating earth. $595, click image for more info.

This piece has some of the original candle holders intact and measures: 61cm across, 31cm high in the centre.


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Photography and blog by Alexandra Box

Styling and product sourcing by Helen Curtis

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