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After spending the last few months sourcing and curating a collection of art, we are incredibly excited to present to you our first online art event! Below is our collection of paintings, ready for purchase with the click of a button. View each piece of art, its measurements and its age. We are offering complimentary shipping for all art, within Australia.


Undated, mid 19th century. Measures: 64.5cm x 48cm

Signed La Harelle Ebon 1935. Measures: 55cm x 28cm

French Portrait

A beautiful portrait of a French man. Signed 1887, Roblot. A dabber looking gentleman, there is visible wear, although this creates more character. Please see images below for gorgeous patchwork on the back.

Measures: 61cm x 38cm


Ancient portrait of a woman.

With beautiful colouring, the painting is simple, yet detailed. It is unsigned and undated. We believe it is from 1880's.

Measures: 46cm x 28cm


19th century landscape, signed Louis E Rudd. Measures: 46cm x 31cm

19th century landscape, signed Fagerlet.                   Measures: 40cm x 30cm

French Landscape

Beautifully coloured landscape. Signed L Geoffroy, 1900's. Measures: 55cm x 38cm

Colourful Landscape

Approx 1950's signed Arnold. Measures: 35cm x 27cm

1989 Measures: 41cm x 30cm

Artist is John Beville

1988, Measures: 46cm x 31cm

Signed E Andrews, undated. Measures: 33cm x 20.5cm

Oil Painting

Signed and dated 1947. Measures: 60cm x 25cm

Ancient oil, unsigned and undated. Measures 33cm x 25cm

A very beautiful landscape. Signed, and dated 1949. Measures: 46cm x 38cm 

19th Century French Landscape, unsigned. Measures: 55cm x 46cm

Oil Painting With a Lake

Landscape with Lake, unsigned and undated, from London. Measures: 38cm x 28cm

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